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Fuzzyfish Web Design

Looking to put yourself or your organization on-line and need a good quality reasonably priced web design then hopefully you will find what you want in the following pages.

Fuzzyfish Web Design can offer quality designs with cross browser compatible XHTML/CSS markup at very little cost. All Fuzzyfish designs come with 12 month maintenance allowing for essential text and graphic changes and compatibility updates.

Fuzzyfish Web Design can also offer additional maintenance and search engine optimization, the benefits of both seen in the additional traffic your site will receive. To take control yourself Fuzzyfish Web Design can offer add-on content management for flexibility in making textual and image changes to your web site without upsetting the code behind.

If privacy is an issue encrypted pages with login and password security can be provided for either single user or multiple users.

Designs on offer include static and multi-page, at a basic level, offering an advertising platform for your business and at a more in-depth level offering your visitors feedback, registration, orders and more.

Pricing for a basic static design either one page or more may cost you nothing initially while more in-depth designs start at £40. Fuzzyfish Web Design also offer special discounts from time to time.

Payment can be made via Paypal, in the same way that payments are made through Ebay. Please have a look at pricing plans HERE

Select and pay for a web design HERE and get your business on-line within three (3) working days.

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